New Harvest 2023

ProOrganica’s new harvest 2023 portfolio

Conventional Grains and Seeds
Unhulled millet yellow
Unhulled millet red
Unhulled millet white
Sunflower Hearts
Black Sunflower Seeds
Canary Seeds
Brown Flaxseed
Coriander Seeds

Conventional Pulses
Whole yellow peas
Yellow Split Peas polished
Red and green lentils

Organic Grains and Seeds
Organic buckwheat groats unsteamed
Organic buckwheat groats unsteamed GF
Organic buckwheat groats crushed unsteamed
Organic hulled millet
Organic brown flaxseed
Organic golden flaxseed

25 kg sacks or 1MT Big Bags
On pallets or in bulk
By trucks or containers

โœ“ ProOrganica operates on a DDP basis, ensuring a hassle-free direct delivery.
โœ“ We offer a 30-day payment term after delivery.

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